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Snooki and Deena’s "Meatball Problems" on ‘Jersey Shore’ Are Deeply Concerning

When Deena Cortese was tacked onto the Jersey Shore franchise circa Season three, we had been left looking onerous for a motive why past “Welp, somebody’s gotta exchange Angelina Staten Island.” Seems, Deena was there to amp up BFF Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi’s unhealthy conduct and masks it as “Meatball Issues.” Oh sure, we have witnessed the lows and…largely lows of Snooki and Deena’s meatball issues all through the years. And prior to now, their Meatball antics got here throughout as oh-so-silly. Take a look at these tiny, spherical, orange folks get into all types of hijinks! So wild! So enjoyable! However now that we’re older and wiser and so they’re older and…older, we’re beginning to notice one thing. These “Meatball Issues” truly simply appear to be, uh, severe issues.

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And look, although it was usually bought as “cutesy drunken antics by little folks” on the present, we see with sober eyes that this conduct was all the time severely questionable. Jersey Shore Household Trip simply provides one other layer of concern onto the weird celebations of meatball issues, of two girls making a sloshy spectacle of themselves of their 30s…and occaisionally, endangering others within the course of. Scroll right down to see the disturbing (or simply loudly annoying) aspect of Deena and Snooki’s “Meatball Issues.”

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